Success Stories


Nurse Brooke Gore R.N.

Brooke took 9 weeks with Doctor Zeeshan. Suddenly she was more confident, prepared, and she believed in herself again. Brooke took the exam again on August 16 and passed with flying colors, she can now continue her lifelong dream of being a Nurse!

Aaliyah Holt BSN R.N.

Aaliyah worked with Doctor Zeeshan multiple times a week, Aaliyah defied the odds of coming from an immigrant family and becoming the first licensed registered nurse in her family.

Jagoda Kaczmarczyk BSN R.N.

Jagoda took a group course with Doctor Zeeshan and five other students. She held herself accountable and did her weekly check ins as well as the homework assignments. Jagoda passed her NCLEX exam on  September 29th and is excited to see what the world of nursing has to offer her.