When will the Zoom link be sent out for each of the Pop-Up, Crash-Courses and Course Sessions?

  • This will be outlined in your intro packet.

How does the payment plan work?

  • The payment plan will ask for 50% down, and the remainder is due before the course begins. For additional information on how to get set up, please email
  • We also offer monthly installments via Shop Pay
  • If you attend any Pop-ups or Crash-courses, your deposit will automatically become non-refundable.

What is GroupMe, how do I get added, does it cost anything?

  • GroupMe is a free app on all phones, that you may download in your devices App Store. It allows you to communicate with your course mates and allows NCLEX High Yield to add pertinent information, handouts, schedules, links and more. All communication regarding NCLEX High Yield will be posted here for the duration of your course.
  • It is not mandatory to be part of the course GroupMe

Am I allowed to share my access or my recorded lectures with someone else?

  • Absolutely not, this is a violation of our terms and conditions (located on our website and upon checkout) which directly states the course access is one per student. It may not be shared, downloaded, copied, recorded, posted, etc. If tracked through Zoom, this will be a violation of our course and copyright laws. Legal action will be taken and a letter from our legal team will be send to the NCSBN for unethical violations. Further student will be removed from all NCLEX Events, Courses, Tutoring, and no refunds will be issued. Links to the recordings are tracked via IP address, Views, and Zoom.

What topics will be covered in the course?

  • A course outline is on our course page on this website

What is included in the 4 Week Courses?

  • 4 weeks of teaching
  • 3 hour sessions.
  • ACCESS to all Pop-Ups (from start of course)
  • ACCESS to all Crash-Courses (from start of course)
  • On-Demand Lecture Access Until You Pass
  • Purchasing UWorld with an assessment prior to beginning course is recommended

What if I don’t make it to a course or I cannot attend?

  • You will still receive a viewable copy of the lecture 

How often are the Pop-Ups and Crash Courses?

  • Typically each are once a month, however, they are held at the discretion of the NCLEX High Yield Staff. If there are more sessions, you will have access to them, from the start of the course.

I heard Dr. Zeeshan wants the cameras on, but I’m camera shy?

  • Dr. Zeeshan prefers the cameras on as he wants to make sure that you are paying attention and making sure you’re taking notes so you get the most out of the course. Also, Dr. Zeeshan prefers to have a face to the name!

    What if I do not finish the course?

    • Please refer to our terms and conditions and refund policy. If you do not finish the course or if you choose to quit the course, it is non-refundable. You may ask for a refund prior to starting the course and you will be charged a $49 processing fee. Once you begin the course you will not be issued a refund, as you have taken a spot from another student. Under approved circumstances you may switch or postpone your course.

    Are tutoring sessions included in the course or do I receive a discount?

    • Tutoring is not included in the course. One on one tutoring with tutors can be purchased on an hourly basis. Discounts are sometimes issued as giveaways or incentives for students, but are not guaranteed.