Breaking Down Dr. Zeeshan’s Method 

Hello blog readers! We all know that Dr. Zeeshan’s Method is legendary, but how exactly is it legendary?


It’s because it’s simple. Here is “The Method.”


  1.     Read the LAST part of the question first.


Do you ever catch yourself re-reading the question over and over again? Well, this lets you know what the boards are looking for first!


  1.     Put it in your own words


Take control of the question and get rid of the complicated words and the extra fluff.

Example: Which of the following clients would be MOST CONCERNING?

Translation: Who am I freaking out about?


  1.     Figure out the situation


The situation is just the remainder of the question. 

Now that you know what the question is looking for this will give you the entire picture.


  1.     Start with Number 4


DO NOT MAKE A DECISION. Simply COMPARE it to number 3. This differs from SATA. Please refer to 4a for SATA.

By comparing the bottom two, we can eliminate one answer and NOT come back to it!


   4a. Start with Number 5 or 6 and make a decision!

Remember each one of the SATA is an answer choice of its own. Put the answer choices in your own words and watch them sound similar or opposite to each other!

Remember with SATA they are just concepts!

“The Method” is not rocket science, but it works! See you soon!


-   Dr. Zee

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