About Us

NCLEX High Yield was established by Doctor Zeeshan Hoodbhoy. Doctor Zeeshan stumbled into teaching the NCLEX while helping a couple of friends and loved ones out in their journey and realized that his knowledge of medicine and ability to make complex topics easy to understand could help out nurses as well. 


After failing his boards, Doctor Zeeshan realized he needed to change his methodology to eliminate anxiety, organize his thoughts, and increase his understanding of medicine. He realized that this wasn’t just another medical school exam, IT WAS A BOARD EXAM! He developed a method and a system that he applied for his own boards and went on to pass them all! Currently applying for psychiatry/nuerology residency and completing interviews he still finds time to do what he loves.....TEACH!


When students who had previously failed starting working with Doctor Zeeshan, they started to pass in large numbers. Students who had failed up to 9 times found their way to success with the help of Doctor Zeeshan. From taking his course, to one on one services Doctor Zeeshan is now expanding his reach.


By combining his study tactics and his widespread knowledge of medicine, we have been able to help those who felt defeated, had no confidence, and had almost given up on their dreams, achieve their license!


Nurse Brooke Gore R.N. was a student of Doctor Zeeshans and failed her exam once before starting with us, after 3 months of tutoring, she was able to pass her boards successfully! Now she can use not only her hands on skills from her hospital experience but she can also use the skills Doctor Zeeshan has taught her to help other students just like her. 


Our goal for NCLEX High Yield is to make the nursing boards the least intimidating as possible. We want you to go into test day confident and ready to pass!