The Seven Reasons Why Students Fail the NCLEX

 The NCLEX is hard. There are many reasons why students fail. Here are seven of them and how you can overcome these challenges.


  1. Not Knowing Where to Begin


Remember less is more! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many resources.


  1. Comparing Yourself to Others


Everyone is different. STOP worrying about others and focus on yourself!


  1. Excuses


Everyone has aspects of their life that may not be ideal for studying. Remember, there is someone out there that had it tougher than you and MADE IT HAPPEN!


  1. Approach


This is NOT a nursing school final exam. This is a board exam. There is no easy way to memorize or study for this, it takes commitment and hard work!


  1. Content


There’s no getting around knowing your content. The boards know how to word questions to see who memorized and who truly understands!


  1. Stamina


There’s a reason we do 4-40’s, it’s to train your mind to function at a high level for all 145 questions! This is a marathon, so train like it!


  1. Test Date


Don’t let a date dictate when you are ready for your exam. The day knows nothing about your readiness, only you do! Don’t hesitate to move the test a few days, weeks, or even months, to make sure you pass!


NCLEX High Yield is here to help. 


-   Dr. Zee

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