Looking for FREE NCLEX review materials? NCLEX High Yield is here to help!

NCLEX High Yield, is a NCLEX prep company, focusing on high yield content and review for the NCLEX exam. Topics such as Cardio, GI, and Mental Health are just some of the few high yield topics that are covered by NCLEX High Yield. 

Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy, Founder of NCLEX High Yield hosts a FREE zoom session every Wednesday at 3pm PST. 

What can you expect at this free NCLEX review session?

  • Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy talks to students about their NCLEX journeys, and how they have passed their NCLEX. 
  • Dr. Zeeshan covers high yield content and does practice questions as part of NCLEX High Yield’s free NCLEX review. 

NCLEX High Yield also offers a FREE podcast, accessible on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more! These podcasts are short and sweet minutes of content, meant to help you passively study for the NCLEX. You can listen to the NCLEX High Yield podcast while you drive, workout, or cook! 

NCLEX High Yield also shares a variety of free content on their YouTube channel and Instagram page daily! 

Good luck on your NCLEX! 


  • Zeeshan

    You can check out our free resources to try it out!

  • Cesar Lidie

    I wiilike to try before make a payment.

  • Dionald

    Thanks to Dr. Zee and the highyield crew for providing me with the tools I needed to pass the NCLEX

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