4 Things To Know While Preparing For The NCLEX Exam

Preparing for the NCLEX Exam can be a stressful and exciting journey. You're on your way to become a nurse! While you prepare, there's some things that you should keep in mind

  • This test is not meant to be memorized, the content must be understood thoroughly and a lot of students try to memorize UWORLD thinking the test will be exactly the same. This is incorrect. There are many different factors to using a Question Bank that need to be incorporated and understood.


  • Most students need 6-8 weeks in order to prepare properly for the exam. This means building a daily routine. Studying from anywhere between 7-8 hours a day allows students to build stamina and cover the necessary information needed to properly be prepared for test day. Stamina is UNDERRATED. You must go in with the mentality of taking the entire exam! 



  • PASSIVE LEARNING: this is very important after all this studying it is important to unwind and retain all the information you just took in. If you are working out or cooking, watch a lecture recording or listen to the podcasts, so you can make the connection even doing the simplest tasks.


  • DO NOT assume that if you finish the exam at 145 questions that you have failed. Be prepared to take the entire exam! A pass is a pass!

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