How Do We Teach at NCLEX High Yield?

We use a special, simple technique developed by Dr. Zeeshan that is called “The Method.” It helps students narrow down the answer choices in a methodical manner. Dr. Zeeshan came up with this method to help organize his own thought process and alleviate anxiety when taking his boards. He states “it’s not rocket science, but it works, especially when you are given a topic you don’t know!”  

This makes studying more efficient by providing students with the test taking strategies that gives them confidence when answering NCLEX style questions. Do the method, stick with the method, and you will have a significant advantage on the NCLEX. Check out our testimonials from paid students and students who passed using only our FREE services for what they think about “The Method.” A FREE Podcast is also available explaining “The Method.”

Personal and Accountable

NCLEX High Yield provides an extremely personal tutoring service for the NCLEX exam. We are able to contact each student individually and discuss how to improve prove their strengths and weaknesses, in content and test taking strategies. We encourage students to contact us daily so we can evaluate the progress. With daily check-ins via text or email, we are always communicating with our students and making ourselves available! We cap the amount of students at one time to ensure they receive proper teaching. If you are unable to sign up we do have a waitlist for those who would like to enroll.


What are the FREE NCLEX Review Zoom Sessions?

We offer weekly zoom sessions that are completely FREE and taught by Dr. Zeeshan live, every Wednesday night 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST.  Dr. Zeeshan covers all the High Yield information that is relevant for the NCLEX and everyone is welcome! We encourage spreading the word, whether you are in nursing school or studying for the NCLEX, Dr. Zeeshan breaks down complex topics and keeps it simple!  NCLEX High Yield has helped multiple nurses become licensed just by using our FREE NCLEX REVIEW ZOOM SESSIONS.

Why NCLEX High Yield?

It’s not just about learning the test-essential topics for the NCLEX exam, which we identify and highlight, but it’s about learning how to take the test. We teach you how to improve as a test taker, and most importantly, learning the content that actually matters. We cut out all the irrelevant information and narrow it down to exactly what you need to know!

I Failed Multiple Times, Can You Help?

Absolutely, what makes us different is how we help people pass on the first attempt or on their 10th attempt. As long as you follow our criteria, you have a significantly increased chance to pass. We currently have 98% pass rate when following our guidelines and getting our approval. We do individual assessments to make sure you are ready, because everyone has a different baseline and learning style!